SGP on small computer riding on telescope

I also use mini PCs with my current NUC attached to the OTA. Using short cables connected directly from individual connectors on the NUC: USB-C to the image camera, USB to the guide camera, USB to the autofocuser. No hub is necessary and two USB connections are still available as spares. Easily running SGP and any other software needed.

The NUC i5 severed me flawlessly for a few years and I just upgraded to an NUC i7 10th gen with WiFi-6. Now transferring the files the night before is much quicker.

I also use the Minix J50… mounted on a dovetail bar on the top of my Scope. I’ve been using it for close to a year without a problem. I use Teamviewer into my iMac.

I purchased one of these based upon your recommendation. After I ran windows update, windows defender found a nasty virus. Sality virus. This is a particularly bad virus that is very difficult to remove. I noticed on Amazon that several other people had found the same virus on their computer as well. One person even found another virus. Rootkit? I cannot recommend this PC after my experience. I wish it were virus free, I would keep it.

That is horrible! I am so sorry. I will have to double check mine now. I have two. Most recent one was purchased in November.

Thank you for letting me know.

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Amy Little

You should check all of your computers. If you put a tf drive or usb drive from your NEO into your home pc, the virus migrated to it. It is a very difficult virus to remove. just to be on the safe side, I would change your passwords but only after you have run full scans and removed all traces of the virus first!

I read that Kaspersky has a free Sality virus remover program, but I have not been able to find it.

I still like the idea you had of using a small 12 volt windows 10 desktop pc to run your astronomy equipment and software. It seems like a way better idea than trying to get a raspberry pi or similar tiny pc to run sophisticated astronomy equipment and also operate your photography software. I am not going to give up.

Thank you for the great idea!

Jeff Weiss

What is your youtube channel?

Amy Astro

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Amy Little

I really appreciate you letting me know about the virus. This will be todays chore after I spend time with my father. I will keep you posted on results. I looked back at my amazon order and I’ve had it since August 2019.

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Amy Little

You are welcome! I went ahead and purchased their upgraded version, I get it today. My fingers are crossed.

I have been watching your videos this week and I just wanted to thank you for doing such a good job of presenting information in an organized way. I am learning so much from them. I decided to go ahead and get pixinsight. I am starting from your first video and learning tons.

Thanks again for doing such excellent work!

Jeff Weiss

I run an Intel NUC, with W10 pro, MSFT remote desktop, 8 GB RAM, 250 GO SSD, 4 USB 3 ports.
All astro software, drivers, etc. work perfectly there.
Also tested during winter, at below freeze temperatures (-9° C).
It also likes 12v DC power and consumes barely 1A.
A velcro attaches it to a piggyback mounting plate, just sitting above a PegasusAtro Powerbox USB hub.

Just my 2 cents…


I have run through my PCs and Mac and found no evidence of a virus. I scanned with windows defender and malwarebytes. I’m hoping this means I am ok.

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I think you should be fine! I noticed that the box for the NEO pc said it was V2. Maybe you got one of the V1 devices before they got infected. My new NEO works well and is virus free also.

What model Intel NUC did you use? I have not been able to get all the software and drivers to work properly on the new NEO mini windows 10 pc that I purchased. The remote desktop was very slow to respond even after I put 16 gigs of ram in it.
The main problem I have is that SGP doesn’t recognize the drivers for the ZWO ASI294 camera I have.

This is the model I use, and installed 8GB Ram and 250 GB SSD.

Intel NUC7i5BNK (Intel Core i5-7260U, HDMI, USB 3.0 type A)

BTW I had installed a Minix as you did, but the lack of CPU power decided me to move on to something more appropriate.

NUC7I3BNK, you have to install the amount of memory that you want plus the SSD. They also sell the NUC With memory and SSD installed and then in the model number there is a difference in the last 3 letters . The newer nucs use a new cpu generation so model number start with 8 instead of 7
My cameras: QSI and ZWO

There is an older model of the Intel NUC, NUC7PJYH, that is based on a quad core Pentium processor, that I have been using for more than a year. It has plenty of power to run SGPro and all the supporting software. It is still available from Newegg for $206:

Intel NUC

You will want to add two, 4 gig memory modules (not one 8 gig) and a 250 gig SSD.

You can also download a free copy of Windows 10 Pro directly from Microsoft:

Windows 10 Download

Click the “Download tool now” button to get the program that can be used to build a Windows installer thumb drive. Stick the thumb drive in your new NUC and power it up.


Amy, I just wanted to let you know that the vendor (MINIX) contacted me today and said that they had identified the production run that was infected by the virus and removed them from production. It was not their intention to sell infected computers or cause anyone any harm. They are sending me a brand new unit for free to compensate me for the inconvenience. They are a good vendor and mistakes happen.

Thanks again for all of the high quality videos you have posted. I am enjoying them and learning a great deal as I watch them.


I have 2 of these sitting on 2 different scopes. Pairs nicely with the Pegasus Astro UPBV2. I’ve imaged with it year round in Pittsburgh so winters are well below freezing and summers are hot and humid. Never an issue and runs Windows 10, SGP, and remote desktop well. Light weight and low power and costs around $250.

This is wonderful news! I’m happy to hear they are doing the right thing for their customers. Best of luck with anything. Let me know if you ever need anything.