SGP Parks Scope in middle of session

HI Guys

I have a issue with SGP. half way during an image sequence I will wake up to find that SGP has parked my scope 50% through my image session. this happens ever session.

I have a PC stick on my rig and remote control from the warmth of my bed. however when I get up during the night to check on my rig I find it has been parked.

Only had this issue since iv moved from APT to SGP, I know its nothing to do with meridian flip. for example last night I was doing 4hours on narrowband on M31 started about 11:25pm. M31 wasn’t due to pass the median for another 5.5hours.

I have recently disabled the function of park scope when sequence completes incase that has anything to do with but yet to test this. I also use EQMOD for mount interface.

see log below


Think I have found the issue. SGP has aborted because star was lost in PHD and recovery mode not active , also found this on my log

We’ve made events like those more apparent with the beta hopefully that will help resolve confusion in the future.