Sgp phd auto started failed



Yesterday i was doing some tests with SGP.

All the unit tests were fine (plate solving, autofocus, guiding, etc). But when I’m trying to run a sequence the problems start.

  1. When SGP beguin guiding (even when I set it to no recalibrate when target changes) phd begins to calibrate. After finish calibration… SGP gets waiting to calibration and a mesaage appears “the guider could not be auto started. Try it manually”. I press dismiss and I press again Resume sequence in the sequencer. The question is that phd2 has sucessfully calibrated amd it’s in fact guiding.

  2. It Starts the autofocusing routine. Here, the problems are:

  • It doesn’t pause autoguider, even when i have checked pause guider during autofocus. The reason beacuse i need it to be stopped is that I use OAG.
  • It gets waiting for guider settle . I have set it to <1", 2 seconds. But it never settle (though phd is rms is below 1").

Maybe I’m not doing well the sequence… I don’t know, but i don’t know why it doesn’t do those things when i set them to be avoided.

Any help? Thank you

edit.: I have verified that happens he same with all the equipment in simulation mode.