SGP+PHD2+FocusLock+No Guiding


My mount doesn’t typically require any sort of guiding so I have been using direct mount guiding so I can have dithering.

Now I decided to get myself involved with the Optec Lacerta Lodestar prism so I can use Focuslock and not have to stop and focus during the night.

But I am not sure how to configure it how I need it. So I need PHD2 to be “guiding” so that focuslock can see the image of the star. But I don’t want to guide so I turn off guide outputs. But with guide outputs turned off I believe I won’t be able to dither.

Also within SGP I poked around in the focuser tab and could not find where I tell it to use Focuslock. How do I tell SGP to launch focuslock AND PHD2, connect the two together, and start fake guiding, focusing and dithering?