Sgp problems


since I purchased sgp I cant get the modules to dock, not all of them , but frame and focus, and phd graph, when I press the icon they wont even come up, but others do such as histogram and a few others . this was not a problem in the trial version, just since I purchased, please help! thanks shawn


Do you happen to be using an HP laptop? We’ve had issues with font scaling on HPs before…but that sounds like it might not quite be the issue here.

You can try resetting the UI settings. With SGP closed remove the following file:

If that doesn’t clear things up you can try doing a complete reset. You’ll want to backup any profiles first. You can f ind these in the same folder with a .sgp extension.



HI Jared, no I am not using an hp laptop, and sgp works fine, I just can’t open, the PhD graph tab, the frame and focus tab, and the scope centering tab, when you try to dock them, they simply won’t open, all other tabs open fine and everything else works, it happened when I purchased sgp after my trial, and registered my laptop. WEIRD!!!


Can you attach a screenshot or video that shows the behavior? I have not heard or seen a problem like this before.

Thank you,