SGP report mount parked when it's not


New stuff here, start to get this message with while mount is actually unparked.
Log here:


We need to change the text, but you got that because your mount is not tracking.


Why do we need this message, it wasn’t there before in previous versions. Of course I’m not tracking, because the scope in home position and just unparked, ready to run the sequence. When it will perform the first slew, it will be tracking, as always, just don’t see the importance of this notification. Am i missing something?


It was

We will never unpark or start the mount tracking without express user permission.


I also get this message if I don’t explicitly start the mount tracking before running the sequence, which I almost always do.
But I also agree with AstroScience that I don’t see why this message should come up if you just told the sequence to run. Obviously that implies that the mount should be tracking, which if it is not should then be set to track.
Am I also missing something here? Seems to me when we were discussing this several months ago it was decided to handle this automatically.,


Yes. You are trying to apply your own personal situation to all SGPro users. Run sequence is implicit permission to do this… we want explicit permission. If you are not already tracking, we ask if you know this is about to happen. What if you are trying to take cal frames with the mount parked, but you accidentally left active light frames? What if your equipment is stored in an observatory that will result in collisions because of this? It is not too much much to ask that you click a button to validate this.