SGP Save Equipement Profile Manager


Sorry for my poor English
No solution after reading forum

  1. After selecting and saving a Profile as default in upper box (EPM), after opening window again no profile remain selected and on runnig sequence PH2 ask me a profile but everything is populated OK in Control panel.
  2. At the end of sequence, scope go to park and after this, SGP freeze at “scope is parking” but it is parked on Ascom window and it is necessary to kill SGP on Windows task manager.
    Last even option is “Park scope”.

Portable PC Ascom 6.2, EQmod , Win7, 64b, 8mb ram. Atik 460EX main CCD and Starlight X2 guider
Thank you for help.


You need to enter your guiding equipment in PHD2 separately from SGP. The best way to enter the gear in PHD2 is to use Connect Equipment => Manage Profiles => New using Wizard. Make sure everything can connect and guide in PHD2 at least once before you try having SGP control PHD2.

(sorry if I misunderstood your question)

This issue has been reported already and is present in the 2.5.0.x Beta builds. For getting started with SGP I would recommend installing the latest stable version,, which does not have this problem.



Thank you Andy but I am running under