SGP + Starlight Xpress filter Wheel

I am newto SGP abd am setting up my equipment. I am attempting to connect a Starlight Xpress filter wheel, bu do not see it listed in the drop down menu.

How do I go about connecting it?

I have the same question in connecting my Mallincam Universe. I know that it will connect (I was able to do this prior to my OS crashing, necessitating a complete reloading of the operating system), I just forgot the settings, when the equipment isn’t listed.

Thank you.

Bill Hansen

You’ll just need to install the ASCOM driver for the devices and they’ll show up in the list.



The Mallincam worked fine, however the Starlight Xpress filter wheel could not get my anti virus software. I have a message to the manufacturer about this and a workaround. I don’t like turning off the McAffee, but that may the only way to get it to work.

Thanks again.

Captain Wm. Hansen, USCGR (ret)
1301 Craig Drive

Concord, CA 94518