SGP started subframe before PHD2 had settled



Hi folks. I am not sure if this is a SGP or PHD2 issue. I was monitoring the subframes and just before 21:46, the temperature drop triggered an AF routine. When the AF completed, there was a dither but the subframe started immediately but the trace was still a long way off from settling. I was using 8-second guider exposures as that is all that is needed when ProTrack is engaged. PHD2 2.6.1dev6 // SGP 2.5.22.

I recall something similar about a year ago but I thought it was fixed shortly afterwards,(dither was not clearing the filtered offset value?) . Log files in dropbox folder, and to be honest, this is the first time I have seen it since.

hope it helps

[update - since this instance, I have seen it a few more times in the same sequence - this time not after an AF routine. ]


I think you are hitting this problem: 2.5.x beta users: Heads Up
based on seeing this in the SG log:

[25/03/2016 21:46:14] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] User has elected to skip guider settling over time...


Guilty as charged. I missed that one entirely. Thanks Andy.