SGP stopping with SBIG guider error


The last few times I have run SGP (I am fairly certain since upgrading to it runs for a while and then pops up a box with the following: SBIG Guider Error while checking for image complete: NO_ERROR. This could be after any number of successful exposures. For example, last night it ran for 4 hours (25 exposures, should have done 30) before tossing this error. The night before it stopped after 9 exposures. PhD 2.6.1 also has an error saying that it has lost contact with the guider and suggests a change to a timeout parameter.
Fortunately, it stops nicely, the camera gets warmed up and shut off and the mount gets parked.
Up until this started happening, SGP had been performing flawlessly. Again, I am pretty certain this has happened since upgrading to this version, so perhaps I missed something.
Any hints on where I should look, what log files and other information would help? I noticed that the log file from two nights ago was 365 MB!
Tom C


We’ll need the SGP and PhD logs to troubleshoot. I’d recommend zipping them and sharing with Dropbox or similar.



I have the files on Google drive. Here are three SGP log files:

The newest file is from last night, which might have failed due to clouds.

Here are the PhD files from the same three nights.

Please let me know if you find anything or need more information.


Tom C


any thoughts on what is happening? It happened again last night, fortunately it was near the end of the run. However SGP was locked up and I had to use Task Manager to exit it.


Do you camera and telescope share a hub or USB connection by chance? Only reason I ask is it seems like a lot of errors from both the telescope and the camera at similar times. Someone else had mentioned that the STT-8300 has a known issue where the power pin loosens and causes similar issues but can be addressed by gently spreading the pin on the connector.



Hi -

I am seeing the same error messages in SGP during initial bad pixel mapping and on virtually all activity afterward. I have ST8XME riding on Orion Atlas EQ6, with PhD2 2.6.1 and am also on latest SGP version ( Camera is direct connected to computer via USB (i.e., no hub). I am using the ST4 connection between camera and mount and have SGP API 1.3 selected as camera and “on camera” selected as mount on PhD2.

Assistance welcome