SGP stops/halts/doesnot react


I finally think about giving up. I have a new computer; Lenovo i7,
installed Ascom and SGP new again. Only connected the Camera QHY8Lpro. And even with this I got:
":SGP does not react anymore" asit always does on my computer…
in spite of so many help!! Chris Madson has helped me 3 nights over 20 hours…
First we blamed the poor Vixen mount, now at home a use a Mesu200 mount.

As I must believe others , they say SGP never halts …??? But with me it ALLWAYS halts doones or later…

totday I was making darks with only the camera connected with a neuw 50 cm USB A-B cable. It stops after 23 minutes, than it was running good over 5 hours, and then it stopped afte 11 minutes.

What to do, Can anybody of you give a good solution or have I to switch to Nebulosity or what??

Please Help Me if You Can
yours sincerely,
Arie Slingerland