Sgp stops tracking


Sgp stops tracking for no reason. I do not have any time restraints. The sequence is not running.


Do you mean your telescope stops tracking? Otherwise, I don’t understand “Sgp stops tracking”.
If SGP is not running and your scope stops tracking then you need to be looking at the scope settings. Perhaps you have some limits set on the scope?


Yes i did have enable limits checked on eqmod. I unchecked it and it did not stop tracking. Thank you. I then set the ra limits, east and west by slewing to a position that i felt comfortable with, clear space between camera and tripod. That seemed to work ok when slewing to an object close to the meridian, it would then slew to the other side. Thats great. But now when i slew to a target and enable limits then run through the sequence it will eventually stop slewing. But if i disable allow limits it completes the cycle. I can live with that but need to watch for a collision. How can i use the eqmod limits and still complete the sequence. So many buttons and switches. This is really challenging, but i like the challenge. Thanks for the previous reply. If you have any ideas i w look uld be greatful.


Do you mean it will eventually stop “tracking”? Is the sequence trying to have the mount track past the limits you have set? i.e. are the limits doing their job and stopping the mount from tracking once it reaches the limits?


When it stops tracking i have not reached my limits. I also am aware of the time restraints. I have set those to 9:01 am today to 6:00am tomorrow


Maybe someone else can speak to this, but as far as I know SGP has no knowledge of the limits set in the mount, or whether those limits are enabled or not.

If this is the case, then enabling/disabling the limits in your mount should have no affect on SGP, and if the mount stops tracking it can only because it thinks it has reached it’s limit.

One way to test this: Enable limits on your mount, slew to where you would be imaging with SGP, but then stop your sequence and close SGP. Does the mount now work or does it still stop tracking when it get’s to the same RA/DEC location?


Okay I will try that and I thank you very much for the information that you have given