SGP-The First Week Update Suggestions


Three years ago, I wrote a tutorial to help people get started with Sequence Generator Pro. From feedback, I know some people have benefited from it. But, it is getting old, and Ken and Jared have made a number of improvements in the program.

You can find the tutorial in a link at the bottom of the page here:

I am working on a re-write of the tutorial to reflect the changes in the program.

I would appreciate any feedback you might have on how to make the tutorial better, including:

…things that were unclear or in error in the original tutorial.
…things that should have been in the “first week” tutorial, but were not.
…anyplace where you had a problem with operation of the program in the first week that were not covered in the tutorial.
…any other suggestions for improving the tutorial itself (style, graphics, whatever.)

This is not a call for suggestions as to how to improve Sequence Generator Pro itself, or what Ken and Jared should have done differently. It is an attempt to update and improve the tutorial related to the state of the program as it is now. And please, unless it helps illustrate how the tutorial needs fixing, please do not describe any problems you may have had getting the program to do what you wanted. This is about the tutorial, not the program…Thanks.

At a minimum I know I need to:
…re-work the PlateSolve to recognize PlateSolve2,
…move people to PhD2
…Pay closer attention to Autofocus

If you have any ideas about anything to improve the tutorial, including the things I already mentioned, please pass them along here.




Hi Alex,

I know this is late in the peace but thought it worth letting you know that you’re tutorial is excellent and really helped me kick off with SGP when first starting out.

In fact, I’m about to do a presentation on SGP to the Astronomical Society of Western Australia and will referring to your latest version as a great starting point.

Well done mate and many thanks for the time and effort.



Thank you so much, Pete……Nice to have a good review and nice of you to say something.

and will referring to your latest version as a great starting point.

It sounds like you know that the version on the Main Sequence Software is not updated. Use the one from my website. If you need that link, it is at Home Page/Articles/SGPFirstWeekv31.pdf

I hope your presentation goes well.



Yep, I will put the ref to your site in the resources I will be providing (both at ASWA and when I put it up on my Youtube Channel).

Thanks for the good wishes, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Would you just prefer if we point the link on our support site to this PDF rather than hosting it?

Thanks again!



I think it best that the copy you send people to is hosted on your website. That way you can control it better. Furthermore, some day I may change my website, or stop paying for it or something. You won’t. It will always be available there, regardless of what I do on my website.

Feel free to download the pdf from my website, and post it on yours, updating your link. The only reason I tell people to get it from my site instead of yours is that I have updated my edition through the years, and the one on the SGP website appears to be the original. I have sent you information now and then when I updated, but your link never recognized the newer stuff. So, I just started telling people an updated version was on my site. But it really is better off on yours. And if and when I update again, I will again inform you of the new availability.