SGP use with Baader Steeltrack and ACU focusers


Hi everyone,

Merry Xmas and Happy New year.

I am considering purchasing an Orion UK telescope which uses a Baader Steeltrack motorised focuser system, and needed to know if it is compatible with SGP software.

I have not found anything in the forums as it’s not a mainstream focuser.

thanks in advance.

John K.



Providing there is a reliable ASCOM driver for the unit then it should be fine, BUT, i’ll leave that
final confirmation to someone who is using one of them.




I have the newer Baader Diamond Steeldrive motorized focuser and while it works fine with the Baader Steelgo software but the Ascom drivers (of which I found only 2 versions) from Baader are poor.

The first released driver doesn’t save the com port #, so I have to manual select it every time when connecting via SGP.

The 2nd is a modified version released to fix this issue, but the temp compensations function is disabled and I found it very unstable,

Although its annoying having to manual select the com port every time, I use the first version as seems to work well with SGP and gives all the functions I need.



Thanks Simon,

This is the reply I got from Baader:

Hello John,

I tested the new driver with SGP and everything worked fine. It has yet to be tested under real observation conditions but I can confirm that SGP and the Focuser driver are compatible.

The issues with the old driver have been fixed.

best regards,