SGP v2.6.0.2 Beta Bug w/Filters and Flats


When attempting to set a value higher than 100…like 128 in the FW / Flats dialog SGP keeps resetting my value to 100.


There is currently a limit of 100 for flats events. If we become aware of some reason anything over 50 (or so) flats does does not produce exceptional diminishing returns we will consider adjusting.



This seems rather inconsistent behavior with respect to sequences in SGP. A sequence, is a sequence, no?

Why limit the user base to a set of 100 Flats, when in my case I wanted to set the value to 128 or perhaps even 256? Just my 0.02 of which I’m sure nobody will care.

No matter, once the sequence is populated in the UI, it can be changed well beyond this max of 100. Just that the user experience is diminished a bit.