SGP, ZWO071MCPro, and temperature control

I just moved from a DSLR to a CMOS camera, the ZWO071MC Pro. I am kind of confused about cool down and warm-up. In SGP, I have set the camera to cool down to -5 during 10 minutes. I do really listen to the fan working. It works. And warm-up to the environment temperature, something around 20C, when sequence completes.

My question is about warm-up: does the camera has an inside device that warm it up? I do not hear anything. I am wondering if the warm-up is a passive process that starts when I disconnect the camera from SGP or the sequence (“Warm up when sequence complets”)?

And…after imaging, should I wait for 20 minutes before disconnecting the camera from SGP?

Regards, Fernando

No, there is no internal heater, it will just warm up to the environmental temperature.

No heater, we just extrapolate the temperature change over the amount of time and increase the temperature slowly. Slowly warming up the camera is likely not needed for most cameras.