SGPro Trial issue with HiTec Obs



I’m new to SGPro and using the trial license on version I’m really pleased with it so far but I’ve a problem that my roll off roof will not open with unpark mount even though the setting is correct. I’m using a HiTecObs roof controller which seems to connect ok but doesn’t process any commands. If I use the HiTec application then the roof opens and closes by command.

Is anyone else using the HiTecObs roof controller and had this problem ?

HitecObs version is 1.6.2 on Windows 10

Also if I disconnect the dome then reconnect again then I get two HitecObs status windows (the first doesn’t go away and neither will the second).

I suspect this is a HiTec Astro issue but as SGPro has support for this roof controller I’m hoping that someone else may have seen this problem and have a solution.

Many thanks


Just seen another post on this so I’ll read that and try the same things.


Reinstalled ASCOM Platform and it now works and only one instance of HitecObs - brilliant !!!