SGPro 3.0 Pre-release FAQ



I have a question on pricing.

I am someone who bought the Framing & Mosaic Wizard, so if I was to upgrade to v3 it would cost me $40. However, v3 doesn’t really have any additional features (yet) that are of much importance to me. So, let’s say I decided to wait for v4. Would it still be $40 to upgrade, or would it likely be more?


@xiga - I had the framing and mosaic wizard but only paid $20 for the upgrade. Which seems too little to me (but don’t tell Jared and Ken :sunglasses: ).

IMHO, even if there were no new features I wanted in Ver 3, the minimal upgrade cost is worth it to encourage continued development/support by Ken/Jared.



Upgrades are only for the next version. So v2 to v4 would not be an upgrade but a new purchase.

But if v3 doesn’t offer anything for you then you’d still save money just waiting for v4.



I have purchased and downloaded 3.07, and I have been using 2.6, 2.6 works very well. however, when I installed 3.0.07 on 2 computers, both crashed my window. do you know the reason? maybe because I am using Chinese window? cheers


No, I don’t think so. We’ve received a couple reports of this and we’re not completely sure why.

One user was using an earlier release of the 3.0 beta and using fixed it for him
Another ended up reformatting his machine for other reasons and then worked fine.
You and another user are having this issue and I can’t seem to figure out why.

So we’ve had about 4 cases of this. How did you do the install? Did you install over an existing SGP2 or did you install in a different folder? Do you have default profiles in place?



hi Jared,

I tried three pcs, one English windows, the rest Chinese windows.

tried to install and overlap the SGP2 or removed the folder completely, but the result was the same.
where can I download 3.0 beta? I may try it



The 3.0 beta has been superceeded by the release. It should not be attempted. Also we’re tracking this issue here:

It says windows 7 but it’s 7/8/10.



Could someone please explain why some got a $20 upgrade and some had $40 upgrades?


It is in the first post:

Essentially we subtracted the costs of the now defunct add-ons from the price, had you purchased the add-ons.



Hello where’s the new update at? It’s nowhere under releases ? Thank you


It’s there. If you checked about 30 minutes ago it was not but everything should be back to normal now.