SGPro Removing event clears target window

Sorry Ken,

I had to re-focus my OAG camera, so I set up a quick event to swing to Deneb & track while I refocussed the camera (out in the garden, using a laptop connected just to the camera).

Afte re-focusing & returning to my main PC, I parked the mount and removed the temp Deneb event, but the removal cleared ?? the events for my intended target UGC10822 see attached picture. note that there are NO entries in the log for this.

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.8


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We will almost always need logs showing the reported behavior.Add a Dropbox link here or, if small enough attach to this post.Please DO NOT include partial logs.

To get logs: In SGPro click the Help->Open Log or if you are looking for logs from a previous session, Help->Open Log Folder and search by date.

The quick fix is to save the sequence & then re-open, so it looks like none of the data is removed, its just the UI gets confused…

I’ll keep this one going, instead of opening a new Problem report…

On trying to start the re-loaded sequence, the system slewed the mount, to the target and then initiated the Auto Focus routine, where it has now got ‘stuck’ at the initial opening screen, for the last 10 minutes…

Here is the tail of the log:

Log-Snippet.txt (32.0 KB)

I am not sure what this means. An empty auto focus graph maybe?

Yes, just the Focus window with nothing in it, wish I’d captured a picture, but I’ve restarted SGPro from scratch to see what will happen…

I cannot reproduce this behavior. I am just sitting here with a test sequence attempting to delete events and no problems… not sure. Are you using a remote desktop application? Can you reproduce this behavior? If so, can you detail the steps (and share your sequence file)?

Your camera never reported that the exposure was ready for download. I added a 5 minute timeout here so at least there is some meaningful feedback.

I’m not allowed to upload the sequence, even if I rename & zip it… but I’m running the sequence now & all is going OK so far, i.e. Slewed \ Auto Focussed \ Setup PHD2 \ Plate Solved etc …

The ‘Control’ PC is sited at the pier\mount & I control it using Microsoft’s RDP, which has never given me any issues, as everything is GB connected & the connection to the camera is connected using USB 3.0 and once again I’ve never had any issues downloading images.

I’ll try & re-create the problem later, after my sequence has completed and or the clouds have rolled in again.

We are no longer allowing file upload to the forum. Our provider does not allow for culling of old files and it is getting expensive. Please use a free Dropbox account or email items to

Understood… just telling you what SGPro was doing while the auto focus graph was sitting there hanging out.

Mailed the sequence file, but one thing struck me, is for some form of reference (number ?) to tie-up the forum support request and any emailed files that are sent to yourselves…

Ya, that would be nice. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a formal ticketing system so we struggle through by abusing a forum and forcing it to do things it’s not designed to do.

Topic title should work well for this purpose. I suggest putting it in the Subject of the email.

Even better would just be copy and paste the topic link in the email body.