SGPro Deleting one target deletes events in another

An interesting isue with Beta 390. I have two targets in my sequence. One target was completed last time I imaged. So today, I went into SGP and deleted Target 1. However, I noticed that all Events in Target 2 were deleted. The Event ‘window’ was blank. This means that all my progress was lost. Luckily, I did not save the ‘new’ sequence. So shutting down and restarting SGP brought everything back. But now I’m not sure how to get rid of targets that are completed.

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

Same as this ?? SGPro Removing event clears target window

Yes. Just like that.

Well, at least that’s two of us now.

I’ve yet to have a chance of replicating, as I’m in the middle of a capture sequence, so at the behest of the cloud munchkins…


I am wholly unable to reproduce this issue… Some questions:

  • Can you replicate? Have you tried this again?
  • Are you using any type of remote desktop to run SGPro?
  • If yes, can you try without the remote desktop app?

If you can replicate, please post the sequence and detail the exact steps for replication.

Hi Ken. I can indeed replicate it. Indeed, I replicated it immediately since I couldn’t quite believe what had happened. I did it 2 or 3 times. It deleted the second target events every time.

This did happen when operating the PC remotely - using AnyDesk.

I will give it a go doing it non-remotely. I cannot do it tonight, however, since this is a very special day here In the UK - it’s one of only 2 dozen or so nights when the weather gods are allowing us to image.

I’ll get a chance tomorrow through the day possibly.

Here is the log for the Event deleting sequence.

I’ll go to the PC a little later today to see if events are still deleted whilst not operating remotely.

OK Ken, I’ve done what you asked. Sitting in front of the PC (no remote connection whatsoever), I was able to reproduce the errant behaviour. Indeed, it is 100% reproducible here - it does it every time. Just to be clear what is happening.

  1. I try to delet the Target ‘Crescent’, using the little ‘x’ button highlighted.
  2. You can see my events for NGC 7822
  3. Crescent is deleted, but all events for NGC 7822 are gone …

A link to the log where this happened:

I hope this helps solve the problem. Otherwise my target list is going to grow and grow :rage:

Thanks, this is perfect. Unfortunately, we don’t log anything about UI changes like this. Could you post the sequence you were using in the screenshots above? Using another test sequence I have with three targets does not exhibit this behavior.

Of course. I believe this is it:

Do you recall how these targets were created? Were the events copied from one target to another?



I can kind of recreate this behavior, but when it happens and then I click on “Members” and then back on “NGC 7822” again, everything is restored to normal. Do you see this behavior or do NGC 7822 events stay blank for you?

I cannot recall exactly how they were created. They are usually created via the Framing & Mosaic Wizard. Occasionally, the target is cretaed on another PC and imported into the observatory PC.

I have never copied events from one target to another, so that cannot be the answer.

Ken. When I have had all my events disappearing, I immediately shut down SGP for fear that I would have some sort of autosave. I have just tried your method. As you say, when I clicked on Members and then went back to NGC 7822 everything came back to normal.

I then tried deleting NGC 7822. I could not get the Members events to reappear. Even shutting down and reopening the sequencer window didn’t bring them back. However, when I saved it as a new ‘Members’ sequence, shut down and reloaded, all was well again.

It would be better, of course, if I didn’t have to go through this. It didn’t do this before, but I cannot say for certain when the new behaviour appeared because I don’t delete targets all that often.

For sure. I have this fixed now… just needed to make sure that I fixed the actual thing you were reporting. Thx.

Fixed in SGPro versions greater than

Great news, Ken. Thanks. Now, about that focus issue … :grinning:

V 399 appears to have resolved the issue. Thanks, Ken.