SGPro Pause Choices have changed

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.7.2

I wanted to pause taking images so I could do a focus run to improve my focus.
In previous versions, the second option down allowed immediate termination of this image, but did not terminate the Sequence. Now that option terminates the Sequence and there is no option to just stop taking this image but keep the Sequence active.
That was an option that I used frequently, so I hate to see it go away.
Was this change intentional?
If so how about three options there?

Steps to Reproduce this Issue

  • Step 1: Click Pause button
  • Step 2: Click second option to “Abort current sequence”
  • Step 3: Leave “Run end of sequence” unchecked

These options haven’t changed in (probably) years:

Both of these have always terminated the sequence. What you likely want is still the 2nd option and definitely leaving the “Run end of sequence options” unchecked.


So if you intend for “Abort current…” checked and “Run end…” unchecked to immediately stop taking the current image and then display the Resume button, then that is the new bug.
That combination aborts the entire sequence and brings up the Run button. It never used to work that way and really threw me for a loop.

Ah, I see. It is the Run/Resume behavior that is different, the pause options have remained unchanged.

I’ll take a look.


This has been addressed.


It does not matter which of the two options are selected. Behavior is the same. Shifts to Run mode.

I never use the PAUSE option when I want to focus in the midst of a sequence. By selecting RUN in Focus Control, the FOCUS routine automatically starts as soon as the camera finishes exposing…once a new focus has been acquired - imaging resumes automatically.

But I do see what you are talking about should you want to PAUSE the program and manually focus.

Good tip, I never knew that. I will give it a try. Thanks.