SGPro Looking Good

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
.NET: 4.7.2
This initial Stable release ran perfectly for me last night under the most challenging of conditions. For ages I have been hoping for a version of SGP that would just keep running all night long taking images, as long as PHD2 had a guide star. Well last night my wish came true. The first two hours were reasonably clear and I got good images. For the rest of the night the sky varied between cloudy and close to overcast. Lots of recovery modes invoked. It just kept trucking. I couldn’t keep very many images, but many other nights it would quit permanently at the first little cloud, when many clear hours would soon follow.

A fairly full set of things being tested: 2 different scope/camera combinations, a refractor and a Newtonian. Auto focus every 30 minutes. PHD2 autoguiding. Three targets with meridian flips. The full boat. Everything worked perfectly. Amazingly almost all the focus routines got 98% to 100% quality scores. A few were 92%-94% and triggered reruns, because I have my quality threshold set to 95%. The reruns were then good.

AWESOME!! Well done Ken and Jared. Your really hard work over the past year has produced a fabulous new release. By far the most stable and feature rich of a long series of great products.
Many thanks.

Thx very much to you too Jerry (for all your work on AF routines). After the initial flush of one-off bugs that come with wider distribution (usually), we will focus on a quick 3.2 release to move toward full 64-bit support, then on to 4.0 where will start to tear apart and refactor the way in which data is collected with emphasis on resiliency.

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