SGPro 3 does not see PHD2 starting


I never had a problem with this in SGPro 2, but recently paid the money for 3 and now when I start my sequence, SGPro starts PHD2. I can see PHD2 select a star and start guiding automatically, but SGPro continues to say “waiting for PHD2 to start”. But it has started. I almost wish I had not upgraded. The only way I got around it was to turn off PHD2 in SGPro and start it manually, but then I loose dithering. Really frustrating. Anyone else have a solution to this?


Sometimes the port for PHD2 may not open or SGP may not be able to find it. You can give it a nudge by opening up the Settings on the Autoguide tab on the control panel and click the “connect” button. It’s pretty rare that you’d have to do this…



Thanks, I will try that. But it is not rare in my case. Ever since I went to version 3, this happens everytime I am out


Do you have the path to PHD setup in the PHD2 settings of SGP as well as your PHD2 profile?




Hi there,
I am new with SGP, maybe I am doing something wrong.
I have bought SGP3 recently and I have very similar problem: SGP does not start PHD2 guiding.
SGP starts the PHD2 application but that is it.
The path is set correct, but the SGP does not “see” the PHD Equipment profile - that row is inactive.
I get the error “SGPro could not successfully query the guider’s version”.
PHD2 its self works just fine.


I am sorry, my fault - the PHD2 server was off.