SGPro and Altair Hypercam 183 colour V2


SGPro freezes whilst taking a sequence of images, seems to do a few subs then sticks at “downloading”, dont know if its relevant, but whilst taking 2min exposures t it froze after one exposure.

Have deleted old Altair Ascom Drivers and reinstalled latest, same problem.

Log file attached.AltairASCOM-log.txt (152.8 KB)
AltairASCOM-log.txt (152.8 KB)


OK, did a full uninstall of the Altair Drivers and Reg entries, rebooted, reinstalled so I know that I have the very latest drivers installed.

Rebooted PC, checked USB3 connection and Lead, all fine. Checked USB root and Hub drivers, all fine.

Connected to SGPro, tried running 60 x 5m Dark Frames with a 20 sec delay between each sub to allow for downloading.

Got to 6 Darks taken - SGPro just stopped… it finally timed out and paused the sequence itself, had to manually start the sequence and its taking Darks again. Lets see how long before it tumbles again.

This time it got as far as 34 out of 60 darks and again stopped and had to be manually resumed.


Mark - could it be a USB timeout issue? Have you checked the MS advanced power settings?


Will double check


Same - running FLATS exp[exposures today with 20 sec delay between flats just in case its a file size download problem - still hangs and almost times out. Had to click RESUME to get sequence running again.

I got a Camera Timeout message though just…

Image timeout message as well at base of screen…

Logfile attached.

sg_logfile_20180226133705.txt (19.3 KB)

sg_logfile_20180226133918.txt (418.6 KB)

sg_logfile_20180226133918.txt (380.2 KB)


OK< switched to USB 2.0 no drop outs so far. Thinking this could be a USB 3.0 Data Transfer speed issue?