SGPro Beta - error message - doesn't load

Updated to the latest beta.
Receive this error message when launching the app.


If I clean up the folder where profiles, sequences are stored, the the program launches OK (but of course, all profiles and sequences are no longer available).

What should I do?

I had exactly the same issue. I reported it, but Jared was unable to replicate the problem. I have reverted to beta version and await the next Beta release… which will hopefully work properly!

Thanks for the feedback - let’s wait then, but I think I’ll stay away from the betas for a while as they broke all my profiles and sequences, which are a pain to rebuild from scratch…

They were backed up. You can just remove the .bak from them and you’ll be right where you left off with your profiles.

As for the error message, please attach whatever sequence or profile you were using. Log would also be helpful.


Thanks for the hint.
Will provide logs when I get a chance to access my imaging computer.

Rodolphe Goldsztejn .