SGPro crashes after taking photo when using Nikon D800 with "Deep Current" hack running


There is a very useful “hack” available for the Nikon D800 which corrects for dark current clipping, allowing for better images. When this hack is enabled (via a menu setting the hack adds to the firmware), SGPro crashes after I take the first picture. If I don’t enable the hack, SGPro works fine.

I realize this is hacked firmware, but if there’s any way this could be made to work, it would be fantastic for those of using the D800 for astronomy. From what I can tell from the various astronomy forums, many D800 users are using the hack.

More info about it can be found here:

Here are the last lines of the SGPro log immediately before the crash (I’ll be glad to send the full log if it would be useful):

[03/16/19 10:21:57.998][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon: Capture started…
[03/16/19 10:21:58.764][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] EventMarker 15 - t:Target 1 (0); e:0; f:0; o:
[03/16/19 10:21:58.764][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Waking from exposure time sleep period…
[03/16/19 10:21:58.764][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Checking to see if the CCD has a temp…
[03/16/19 10:21:58.764][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Saving the CCD temp…
[03/16/19 10:21:58.768][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Entering super dangerous loop to await image completion…
[03/16/19 10:21:58.769][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] EventMarker 16 - t:Target 1 (0); e:0; f:0; o:
[03/16/19 10:22:00.095][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Nikon: Failure in Capture image! [kNkMAIDResult_CameraNotFound] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapGet, 33342, kNkMAIDDataType_UnsignedPtr, 306704372)
[03/16/19 10:22:00.095][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Error while attempting to capture frame…
[03/16/19 10:22:00.097][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Error attempting to capture image (see logs for more information).
[03/16/19 10:22:00.098][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Sending Notification: Warning - Error attempting to capture image (see logs for more information).
[03/16/19 10:22:00.581][DEBUG] [NikonScheduler callback thread] Nikon - Device found, connecting to device…
[03/16/19 10:22:00.584][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] GlobalExceptionHandler caught : [kNkMAIDResult_UnexpectedError] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapGet, 33342, kNkMAIDDataType_UnsignedPtr, 306704372)
[03/16/19 10:22:00.585][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Runtime terminating: True


Thank you so much.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I only raised this question a few days ago.
The following video is my SGP operation record.
The following link is the SGP Log file.

Not only D800 has problems; D800E is also


Sounds like we’ll probably have to have a D800 on hand to test this issue. I can’t really give any estimate as to when that will be able to happen.



I believe the hack is supported on most of the EXPEED2 and EXPEED3 -based models, including D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200, D7000, D600, D610, D800/800E, and D4.

From what I’ve heard, the issue comes about when using the Nikon SDK to access the camera to download the raw picture data - perhaps as ayung0508 suggested because of differences in the raw data size. Not sure if that can be worked-around in SGP, but it’s worth noting that INDI-based software (on the mac/linux platforms) avoid using the Nikon SDK and work fine with the hack installed. So I’m wondering if SGPro can work around the issue, or if there’s an alternative way for SGPro to access the data without using the SDK?