SGPro Integration with DSO-Browser!


I have been talking with Sebastian from DSO-Browser. The next beta will feature general object location from DSO-Browser via web link… (like with AstroBin and Flickr). That said, the more exciting news is that we are working together to deliver a very tight integration between DSO-Browser “observing lists” and SGPro targets. The initial implementation will probably be fairly basic, but we hope to move toward a more complex version of target import that is considerate of start and end times / altitudes and, as a result, more capable of creating a time efficient sequence. More details to come as this takes shape.

Check it out if you haven’t already…



Excellent! I am sure good things will come out from this! I like a lot DSO Browser!




I just started using that site a month ago. Pretty cool!


I use DSO Browser for identifying targets, so an integration would be great.



Fantastic news. While I have AstroPlanner, I find DSO browser so much easier to use.


Great job! :grin:


This would be very good and practical , Thanks Ken


This is a great collaboration - DSO Browser is an excellent resource for planning. I look forward to watching this develop :slight_smile:


This is interesting I have not used DSO browser much but this thread has regained my interest. I still use astrobin.