SGPro Licence problem with Latest version


Having installed the latest download of SGPro 26-11-2016. I get a message when trying the Mosaic Wizard is not licence on this machine.
I have re-registered but this has not solved the problem. Please fix.


Hi Peter

Do you mean that you have purchased the Framing & Mosaic Wizard add-on which has been working with previous SGP versions, however since updating to the latest beta the F&M Wizard is no longer working?

Posting a log and some screenshots of error messages will help Ken and Jared diagnose the issue and get a speedy resolution.


I bought the full version of SGPro and it has been working fine with Framing & Mosaic Wizard. As soon as I updated it displayed the 45 day trial option. I re-registered successfully just in case but it still displays Trial. Will re registering use up another registration? I was looking forward to the Fe

tch option which I see is now available.


I have just checked my other computer used for my second mount and it displays the same message. I have not updated that computer so it may not be due to updating. Hope this helps.


Thanks Peter.

When you log-in to your account at Main Sequence Software are both PCs shown in the account details (you are able to register up to 3 machines)?


Yes both are registered.

Thanks for the quick replies.


If both PCs are registered and you have purchased the F&M add-on I wonder if something has happened to your registered profile or something?

I guess this is a matter for Ken or Jared. They are very responsive on the forum Peter and I’m sure they’ll help.


I have not purchased it as add on it is included in the full version.
From your what you get chart it is only an option for light version.
It has never given this message before and has worked really well…

Hope you can get it sorted, tomorrow night is forecast as a very rare clear night here.


This is not correct. The Framing and Mosaic Wizard is NOT included with SGP. It is an add-on. Maybe you were running a trial previously?



Looking at your purchase date I would assume that you were running the Mosaic and Framing Wizard as part of your SGP trial. You can have another trial of just the framing and mosaic wizard by going to Help>>License Information, then clicking on “Framing and Mosaic Wizard” and clicking “Start Trial”.

This will give you a 45 day trial of the Framing and Mosaic Wizard.

As for the “what’s included” page you’ll see that there is a footnote next to the Mosaic Planning Wizard:

Hope that sorts things out.



This is the chart I was referring to

The pro version (which I purchased) includes the Mosaic planning Wizard. As clearly indicated in your website chart.
If there is a difference please explain.
Your image shows the Lite version.


Having found your footnote about purchasing the Mosaic planning wizard separately there is nothing to link it to the Pro version and appears to relate to the Lite version. You cannot have a detailed chart showing clearly it is included with an unrelated footnote saying it is not.

This is not about the cost but the misleading comparison chart.
You have a good product so do not need to mislead purchasers.


Hi Peter,

Maybe we’re are looking at different information - the “Sequence Generator Feature Comparison” table here has an indexed super script number “5” next to the “Mosaic planning wizard: Create complex mosaics just by drawing a square!5” entry, 7th line down under “Major Features”.

Referring to the notes at the foot of the table it clearly states: “5-Requires purchase of additional Add-on”.

The Add-ons available for purchase are listed in the “Store” page of the site.

IMHO I don’t think there is any mis-leading information.



I am looking at a different webpage. Your feature comparison table.

It is a super feature and I have now purchased it. Shame this has been a waste of our time.

I can see the attraction of keeping the price below $100 but realistically this feature completes the package.

Why not clarify the situation and list and inclusive price with this feature.

This aside I hope to demonstrate this to our club members on Tuesday as I think it will appeal to some of them. At least I can do so without prompts to register and be able to clarify pricing.

One thing I can certainly praise is the speed of support.


Great stuff Peter - I’m glad we are now clear.

The F&M wizard is a critical component in my workflow and I use it exclusively (as do many other users) for all framing whether single pane or mosaic. The forum and its users are very knowledgeable and responsive; it’s a friendly place.

All the best & clear skies!