SH2-157 The Lobster Claw Bi-colour


This is a total of 12.5hours of 1800s subs in 3nm Ha and Oiii blended Ha, 70%Oiii + 30%Ha, Oiii
Kit list: Takahashi FSQ106ED @ f3.6, Atik 460exm, Chroma 3nm filters, 10 Micron GM1000HPS mount.

Acquired using SGPro (naturally!) (Beta - which worked flawlessly for both nights I imaged this target) and PHD2, and processed in Pixinsight.

Hope you like it.


Nice! This is not an easy object and it looks good. How do you like your
Chroma filters? Specifically the 3nm OIII?



Hi Joel


I’m very happy the Chroma filters in general. The Oiii particularly is an enormous improvement over my previous Baader filter - no flare, no reflections, no halos - just nice, tight stars (not as tight as the Ha stars, but nevertheless tight)

Here’s the stretched Oiii stack in case you’re interested:

Sorry it’s only a JPEG!



Looks great Steve. It was mostly the halo issue I was wondering about.
I’ve heard great things about Chroma filters and am glad to see they have
3nm filters now.



That is awesome. Great colors. I love the FSQ106ED… with its reducer and extender, it is likely the most versatile imaging scope in existence.


Thank Ken. I appreciate your comments. Yes - agreed - the FSQ106 is a fabulous piece of kit - once you get the spacing right!!