Shutter release signal


As we have seen from the feedback given, multiple camera support is a feature often requested …
For DSLR’s it would be easy to implement if we could have a shutter release signal that runs in sync with the main imaging camera, we could use a USB shoestring for example to trigger other DSLR’s in sync, no need to download images or connect via USB …



They’re worried about integration between focusing/plate solving/pier flips mostly. I think if we accepted that the secondary camera would lose a few frames, it would be fairly easy to implement.

I’m patient. It’ll be a huge upgrade.


Wel for ccd’s it’s not an easy endeavour, for DSLRS when you limit yourself to same exposure time or shorter you don’t loose frames … if you go longer on slave camera’s then you drop dither and are willing to loose some frames during flip …
But for all intend there should not even be a different exposure time on slave camera’s for the shutter release signal, that would require interface work … so just a shutter release signal in sync with main DSLR


Sure. But what if you have a modified and an I modified camera? Different lenses? You’re right back in the same place.


I have several DSLR’s and people I know that have DSLR’s in my club, we all want to use them at the same time and sub length is the same … I have modified and mono DSLR’s, today even without this capability I shoot same sub length … and if you skip dither no issue at all except for meridian flip …


I would like this feature as well, so I can do wide field piggyback at the same time. Dropping dithering is not an option I would consider though.



Just a stupid Idea, is the log file synced immediately? If so, it would be enough when an image capture in the sequence starts with the duration is logged, I can ask someone to write a little program to trigger an arduino board so you can trigger x dslr’s … when it sees this in the log file, it could even wait on dither oh so cool!



Sounds like you have a solution!


well the log file thing seems only a solution if it’s kept up to date on the second, and I looked at the entry’s of an imaging session not so trivial to get the wright info … Ah well I would be happy with a shutter release signal, I don’t mind lossing frames in plate solve pier flip focus routines (and they could simply not trigger the focus release when doing this, the real issue is implementing this for ccd camera’s)