Sill unable to merge mosaic panels



This is an attempt to piece together my fragmented test mosaic of the East & West Veil.

It’s the best I can do…not very pretty. I’ll be sooo happy when I get this resolved.

Hi Jared,

I went out again last night. I had success with Plate Solving, Verification, and resumption of PHD2. It must have been something to do with choosing a calibration star closer to the intended target (which I did last night). I also increased the pixel area from 15 to 50 for finding a guide star.

However, as you can see from above in my attached photo in Photoshop’s Bridge, that there is no overlap yet in the other attached image of SGP it shows the overlap before imaging of 20%.

What would be nice in SGP would be able to “back track” into the Mosaic Wizard setup screen to see what the settings were. You have to set up the mosaic again to see the parameters, and those might not be necessarily the ones you had in the beginning. Maybe the SGP log file shows that.

So I am now attaching last nights SGP log as well. I must be doing something wrong as many others must be able to merge their SGP Mosaic Panels. If I can’t get this resolved my mosaic imaging is futile.

Thanks Jared and I hope my submissions are of help to you.


sg_logfile_20160822221930.txt (387.5 KB)


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