Simulated PS2 and ANSVR Work But Not SOLVE & SYNC



I am able to simulate plate solving using either PS2 or ANSVR by right-clicking on the image and commanding plate solve. And when the RA and DEC are discovered I have no way of manually synchronizing the simulated EQMOD mount. When I try Solve & Sync or Blind Solve & Sync SGP goes on trying to solve until apparently it times out.

In either case I am providing the camera sensor scale.

What else do I need to check?

Addendum: when solving is done through right-clicking the image, and PS2 is reporting the cent of the image, the SGP user interface still acts like it is in process of plate solving for a very long time. Is this normal?

Addendum: that is because the plate solving using ps2 has not been done yet. Noting that, I am now starting off PS2 with pretty much dead center on the RA and DEC and it still goes on spiral checking for ever. There must be a simpl setting somewhere that I am not seeing.