Single User vs. All Users Install?



I use a PC Stick on my mount to run SGP. I ended up having two separate user accounts on the Stick because of some Win problems. Apparently SGP Licenses are good for only a single user not all users on the stick. Starting up SGP I’m told that my 45 day trial is up when I run it from one account even though the name of the Stick is correct on the registration page. Deleting the machine and then re-registering lets me run from that user, but then the message/problem pops up for the other user.

As long as I image from a place where I can get the internet it is only a minor problem, but IF I go off the grid I can see trouble.


Yes, it is single account as we store data in the user area of windows.

You should be able to use 2 licenses, one for each account.