Slow frame and focus download speed?


Can someone tell me how long it should take to download the images while using frame and focus? I have it set to use JPG, and to use high speed download, and it still takes about 10 seconds to download each image. Is this normal? I’ve been using Nebulosity, and it usually takes Neb just a second or two to download, so I don’t know if this is normal for SG or if I have a setting wrong somewhere. Any help appreciated!



It depends on the camera, its resolution, bin mode and subframe size. Full frame, unbinned images can easily take 10 seconds.


Using JPG previews on my 60D is pretty fast. Generally around a second or so. I haven’t tested this lately as I don’t use the 60D for astro but I’ll double check the latest release this evening.



Hi Chris,
And thanks for your response. I am using a Canon 60Da. The resolution is 5184x3456 pixels. I don’t think I can bin a DSLR, or use subframes. Nebulosity’s frame and focus settings worked well for this camera, downloading the image within a second or two. I really like SG the more I get to know it, and if I can sort this problem out I can start using ti full time. Until then I will still need Nebulosity for framing.



Hi Jared,

I’m playing around with it again tonight, with no better luck. About 10 seconds from the time the shutter closes until the pic is downloaded. Awesome software BTW…!



No one else having this problem? I can’t seem to find a solution. I guess I can use Nebulosity for frame and focus, and then switch to SG for capturing.


Just tested with my 60D. with “Use JPG preview” selected my downloads take somewhere between 1 and 2 seconds. Full downloads take about 4 seconds.

I can’t seem to get to the 10 seconds you’re at with any combination I tried.

What version of SGP are you using?
What format do you have the save setup as in SGP? (FITS, RAW, RAW + FITS)?

Can you take some images and post your log using Dropbox (or similar)?



It also will be interesting to know if you are using a direct USB connection to the PC, if the connection is USB 2 or 3 (on the PC) and if you are using any type of USB hub.


Hello Ken and Jared,

I have had SG set to capture in FITS. I was going to change that to RAW, but after Jared answered another post of mine he explained that FITS info aiding plate solving, I would for this reason like to keep using FITS, as I am just learning how to use the plate solver and I am blown away by it.

Not sure what version of SG I have, but it was just downloaded in the last week. I usually am using a powered USB hub at the mount, and it is USB 2 to the laptop. But the last few times I have been trying to figure this problem out I have had a direct USB 2 connection to the laptop. I have the laptop and camera beside me on the couch and am just shooting with the lens cap on. Still about 10 seconds to download each image. And Jared I am pretty new to this…sorry…I am not familiar with the log you are asking for, and I can’t find any reference to SG log in the manual or with Google. If you could please explain what this log is then I can certainly dropbox you the files.