Slow Load upon boot

I use and have been for 3 years a surface pro for my acquisition computer. Lately (past 6 months) it’s taking forever for SGPRO to load. I’ve cleaned up the PC and have turned off everything I can running at startup or in the background, but no change.

Once it finally loads its fine but I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue. Could having dozens of sequences saved cause this?

It opens fine but then just sits there for over a minute and then it starts blinking and then it suddenly loads.

Gotta be me but if you might know what’s causing it I’d appreciate your feedback.

Thanks Sean

Are all your sequences slow in loading? Even sequences with only a few targets and events?
The more targets and events you have the longer it will take to load.

No it’s just the boot of the program. Once it’s open everything is fine

It’s gotten to the point that once I have everything connected I open SGPRO and walk away to attend other things so I don’t have to sit and wait for it

When it open it shows the windows but they are blank for well over a minute. And then it starts blinking and pow! It opens

Something is getting hung up during its boot up

I’m wondering that upon opening it that it comes up and then has to go through all the saved sequences before choosing the latest one before it finally completely opens.

I guess I could go delet a bunch of them or move them and see if that helps it.
I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior


SGPro does attempt to open the last sequence you had open when starting. You may want to temporarily turn this off (in options) and see if it makes any difference. Also… this can sometimes happen if your sequences or profiles are on a network drive. Not sure what kind of setup you have…

Thanks Ken. I will try that. If it has to read all the sequences before choosing then that would explain it. I’m gonna archive them to a different folder and see.

SGP is slow to load with lots of targets + events for those targets.
There is little you can do about this yourself except deleting targets or splitting up the sequence into 2 sequences.
A faster pc would help of course but the best solution for this if SGP were optimized better when loading sequences, not sure if it uses multithreading?

Great timing, I was about to post the same questions. I can’t tell if it’s been getting worse, but SGP does the same thing on my i7 Lenovo laptop. The basic boxes open, but most of the formatting and text are missing and the top header says “not responding”. It takes about 30 seconds, then suddenly everything loads. It’s been like this for several years. Yes, I have about 10 targets in my sequence, and yes, the sequence files are on a OneDrive, but those files are also local, an 30 seconds seems like a long time to be “not responding”.

Hey folks, just a notes that the beta I will release here in a bit has VASTLY improved loading times for large sequences… smaller ones, you wont notice too much difference

Hey Larry

That describes my situation to the letter

I’m glad I asked. I was literally going through my PC and uninstalling any unused programs, deleting photos etc. I even changed up the start up programs and turned a bunch of stuff off.