Smartphone, android, and confusion


I still use a flip phone, but recent events have forced me to move into the 21st century. I’m not a real tech savy kinda guy so I have some questions regarding the applicability to sgp and what programs I would need to get things running with all things astro (mount, skysafari?, remote ops via ethernet, ect). Right now I still am using version 2 sgp. Would ver. 3 give me additional advantage?

I’ll limit my remarks for now and ask for guidance. KISS works really well for me. Thanks for any information that you can provide…Gunny


That is a very broad question. If you are starting out, you may find version 2 does everything you need for the time being. On the acquisition side, if your mount and cameras have ASCOM drivers, you may not need much else. You can then later add powered focusers, again with an ASCOM interface and guiders, using a free guider program like PHD2 or Metaguide. These three free planetarium programs provide location data, CdC, Stellarium and C2A - all of which can also connect to the mount and move it into position. Remote control is easy if you use something like Microsoft remote desktop or similar.
The processing side is more difficult and easily underestimated. I use PixInsight but it is not for everyone. Trying to do things in Photoshop or Affinity Photo is challenging and it still needs other tools for image stacking and calibration, for which free versions are available.


Thank you Buzz,

I wanted to keep the question broad for now. I know I will be going with the android os. Pretty much all of the software that you have mentioned is what I am currently using.

Looking at the samsung s7 and trying to figure out how to get rid of verizon as the mifi hotspot. ATT seems to be the one that will allow tethering with cricket, but the signal is spotty here.

I do like some of the additional features of version 3 sgp with regard to altitude. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get all of this to work for remote ops…Gunny