SN and Asteroid hunting: What is best way to do this in SGP?


I’m into SN and Asteroid searching. What have other SGP users done setup etc in SGP for this type of work?





You can see my answer in your previous thread, but SGPro may not be the
right software for you to do this. That said, we have a 45 day trial and
you are welcome to give it a shot. I have serious doubts about SGPro’s
ability to handle your needs.




Thank your replies.

However, I have bought the program thinking this would do what I need.
Are you saying I have a 45 day cooling off period meaning I can get a

I don’t really want to do that if i can help it, butI will give SGP a
run anyway.

Q. Just how many targets can SGP handle in one hit, for a night’s run?





You can use SGPro for 45 days prior to paying anything at all. The trial
period is not limited in any way and we always encourage our users to take
advantage of it.

After purchase, you are offered 30 day period in which you may ask for a
refund. This of course means that the next time you start the software it
will revert into its limited free mode (SGLite).

We don’t know how many targets SGPro will hold in a single sequence. We
have tested 30. Again SGPro is not designed for SN hunting and the like.
The limit for SGPro’s target list will largely be determined by the power
of the machine running it. You may find large sets of targets unusable in
that SGPro appears to hang during import or load. You may not… This is
uncharted territory. If the sequence loads fine, it is very likely that
everything in it will execute and run as expected.