Software camera flip?


I have an ATIK CCD and it can be controlled to flip its orientation 180 degrees.via software.

Any way to automate that like after a meridian flip?


There is not… it’s not standard camera behavior and unless it exposes itself through the camera’s ASCOM contract we are not able to control that. How do you do it manually? Through the camera’s settings dialog?

I’m guessing you are asking because you are using an OAG?


The artimes software they provide with the camera.

It is an ATIK 383L

No just a guide scope and cam.


In that case, I guess I’m unsure why software based rotation (or even mechanical) is of any concern.


There’s nothing in ASCOM to do this. It’s not a driver function, more of an application function because it needs knowledge of the mount pointing state from the telescope.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to do it in SGP because flipping the image will upset the calibration data (bias, darks and lights). The best place will be in the image processing, after calibration, when the processed images are being stacked.

Chris R