Some recent images from a record run

Around the last new moon I had an incredible run of 7 clear nights in a row, which has never happened in 16 years of astrophotography for me. I was able to complete one image and get data for two more images, including a 2 panel mosaic. All told I captured around 68 hours of data during this run, with my dual scope platform (CFF250RC/Moravian G3-16200; SV80ST/ASI183MM-C).

First, I completed a narrowband image of NGC6823. NGC6823 is a star cluster surrounded by small emission nebula NGC6820. The area is rich in faint nebulosity, also referred to as Sharpless 2-86.

Next up is a 2 panel mosaic of the area surrounding vdB123 in Serpens Cauda (the tail). vdB123 is the brighter/larger blue reflection nebula toward the lower left. I like the contrast between the dark areas, red stars and blue reflection, not to mention the Serpens reflection nebula, a red bi-polar reflection nebula.

And finally vdB130 in Cygnus, half way between Sadr and the Crescent nebula. It is a small collection of stars surrounded by faint yellowish nebulosity, and further surrounded by the more typical hydrogen.

I hope you like!


Thats great, such an long run.
here in germany it is also several weeks good conditions but i must work, so no chance 4me :frowning:
complete the shed…
so now u can sleep :wink:

Great pictures, I am envious. Hopefully one day I will be able to create art of your calibre.


Thanks Martin and Werner. I really was an epic run of clear nights.

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