Sony A series support 2019?


as I’m new with SGP and a new user of a Sony a7iii I’ve been reading several topics which tell me that Sony is not supported by SGP (or my former software APT). By now (sept 2019) Sony has software (Imaging Edge Remote) which allows USB connections with the camera and Bulb shooting for long exposures (up to 180min) where the images are saved to a folder which you can pick for yourself. Is there or will there be a update coming soon for SGP which will support Sony camera’s?


Unfortunately Sony doesn’t have a public API for tethered camera control. They offer an application but no actual support for 3rd party applications. They just recently deprecated their Camera Remote Beta API

I’d love to support Sony cameras…but it seems Sony doesn’t want 3rd parties being able to control their devices.


I’ve been experimenting with StellarMate and Ekos for my portable rig and they do have support for Sony cameras, so it should be possible :slight_smile:
They are using these INDI drivers

Maybe that is something you guys could also use ?


Unfortunately, we can’t use it yet. That driver only works on Mac and Linux at the moment.

Yes, technically it is physically possible. However the amount of time and effort to reverse engineer the protocol is just not worth it for a single manufacturer. If the libraries are open it may be possible to look there to see how it’s being controlled though, in which case it would be a good deal easier. I think most of these are using gphoto2 which is a linux camera control library.