Sony SDK Released

Hi Dev team,

Now that Sony have released the SDK for their camera’s, how long will it be before SGP incorporates these camera’s into equipment profiles?



I wouldn’t expect it any time soon. The previous “Camera Remote” API was not usable from our stand point. Maybe this one will be better. But without any additional information it’s hard to tell at this time. Currently it only supports 2 cameras as well so not a lot of reasons for us to jump on it immediately.

But I’ve requested access to it so we shall see.


Thanks Jared, Much appreciate the speedy reply.

There’s already an Ascom driver for Siony cameras in Beta…maybe this will help that driver become better

That driver requires a 3rd party application and, if I recall correctly, does not support exposures over 30 seconds for almost all cameras. Good concept though and hopefully it can be improved on!