Spurious Timeout Message waiting for first event

Sequence is started but waiting for the timer on the first event which is 45 minutes later. Around 20 mins into the wait I receive a email notification that

04/02/2020 17:44:33,Error,(TSGPro2020-02-04) Failure during sequence startup. Sequence has not started in alloted time period.

The sequence continues to wait for the allocated start time and runs from there prefectly OK.

Suspect there is a 20 min timer running which needs turning off under these conditions. Not critical but annoying.

My events regularly have to wait till the star in visible on my horizon. I haven’t run into anything longer than 20 min wait on mid sequence (yet!) but it might also occur in these wait periods as well?

version is

I had the exact same thing happen last night. I just noticed the message when looking at the Obs computer via Teamviewer from the house…when I went out to the Obs - all was fine; it was just waiting for the start up time as expected. The message Notification was indeed spurious.

This issue will be resolved in

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Thanks for the fast update