Start AutoGuider after Flats


I take the flats prior to the lights with an illuminated cap I manually place on the scope. Unfortunately when doing so, PHD usually loses the guide star. Hence I would appreciate a sequence in this order.

  1. Taking flat frames.
  2. Then start PHD and wait for calibration.
  3. Then pause PHD, do a recenter on the object, then restart PHD.
  4. Start taking lights.

Is this possible?



I’ll ask the obvious question. If you list the flats as the first event in the target won’t those be done first? Alternatively, If you have more than one target, create a flats target that only has s flats event and insert it as the first target.


Flats are my first Event. But I want the autoguider to start prior to the first light event, i.e. after the flats.

Why does the autoguider start with the flats? That makes no sense to me.


The auto guider doesn’t really start with the flats. It starts with the sequence when there are lights. I’ll look into making this smarter.



Would appreciate that.