Stop capturing at end of night/before twilight


In the Target Settings->Time Constraints, can there be a feature to stop capturing at the end of night (before astronomical twilight), from an astronomical calendar or online data?


I agree. How about a global setting (Tools / Options / Sequence Settings) that would say “don’t start a target before astronomical twilight ends (sun set) and stop a target when astronomical twilight begins (sun rise).”

This falls into the category of being able to define an “imaging window” that would be dynamically enforced. For example, no target is to start until it is within 3 hours east of the meridian and a target is to stop when it reaches 3 hours west of the meridian.

Not having to constantly update start / stop dates and times would be handy.



I’ll go for that too


APT has one of these calculators built in I see although from what I see its just a
visual thing, all based on the users coordinates you have set in the software.

And another pic with lots of info for the user

Quite interesting these little calculators, here in the deep south of the UK we don’t actually achieve full 100% darkness for July and August as the Sun never actually drops below 18 degree’s below the horizon.


It would be great to get SGP to fire up when full darkness has been achieved…But…Just so long as it can be overridden cos I can still image in July and August but sky glow might be a little higher.



It would be nice to have this. Also include moonrise/set info.