Storing frames in a new folder

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OS: Windows 10 Pro


Yesterday (30th November, last day of the month) before midnight the frames were stored in the folder ‘20191130’ as expected. Then SGP created a new folder ‘20191230’ (so in the new folder, the month is incremented!), and after midnight SGP stored all remaining frames in that folder.

Normal behavior would be: all files (before and after midnight) are stored in the folder ‘20191130’.

My file name pattern is:


I’ve seen this behavior in former versions of SGP, only at the last day of month… My regional settings are: German, Germany (don’ know whether this important in this case).

Steps to Reproduce this Issue

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We will almost always need logs showing the reported behavior. Add a Dropbox link here or, if small enough attach to this post.Please DO NOT include partial logs.


You need to use different tokens. That is the expected behavior for the ones in your pattern:

To get what you want, try:


That pattern will store all images in a single date folder and the name of each file will have the actual date.

I will try your suggestion. Nevertheless I don’t understand SGP’s current behavior:

Currently the file name pattern that I used works like I want when the current day at start of SGP is not the last day of the month. In this case, NO new folder is created, all frames are stored in one folder.

However only at the last day of the month, a new folder is created with incremented month, but retained day e.g.:
folder ‘20191130’ contains the frames captured before midnight
folder ‘20191230’ contains the frames captured after midnight

Please see the appended screen section that shows the generated folder names and their creation date. Maybe that this is specific for my regional setting. Anyway, this definitely is a bug.

You using dy which is equivalent to d2. To achieve what you you are after, you either need to use the single %ds token for the folder or ALL of your tokens must be of the “imaging start date” variant. You can’t just use the “imaging start date” variant for the day and then the normal tokens for month and year (because the issue you report will happen on month / year transitions).