STT-8300M support


Does Sequence Generator Pro support SBIG STT-8300M with self guiding filter wheel?


Yes. Via the SBIG API guider.


I’m lost here. Are you suppose to open up PHD2 in another window or do you open it up within sequence generator pro? when i hit ‘connect gear’ i get an error message 'error no phd profile has been selected. select one in PHD settings dialog and try again (autoguider tab in control panel)


You’ ll need to grab the SGP API Guider from our download page. This will create a special camera that PHD2 can use.

In SGP connect to your camera and then in PHD2 connect to the SGP API Guider. If you want to use the guider relay in your camera make sure PHD2 is set to “On Camera” for the mount (however it’s better to use an ASCOM connected scope if possible).

The SGP API Guider allows you to connect to the guider chip through SGP. The SBIG driver only allows one application to be connected at a time, so the SGP API Guider allows us to “get around” that.

Hope that helps,


that solved the issue. now on focusing, how do i get that going? i have robofocus. do i go to ‘control panel’ then, ‘focus’, then ‘use autofocus’, then hit ‘run’?

also, on plate solving i’m getting an error message with ‘PlateSolving2’ it says ‘cannot plate solve the current frame because the image scale is not valid! Set the scale (arcsec / pixels) for the appropiate binning and try again’?


You might want to give a couple of the tutorials a shot to help get you up and going. Our help docs has a tutorial for a mono or OSC CCD. Also you can find 2 very good, user contributed tutorials at the bottom of our support page:

I’m not trying to dodge your questions, just that they’re likely the first of many and lots of those answers are in those two tutorials.