Support custom urls (and ports)

I have serving locally (on laptop vs imaging machine) to support ventures to dark sites with no internet. I made this work hackishly today by setting my local ip in window’s host file on the imaging machine for, there was also a bit of a hassle on port 80 (typically a special and restricted port).

I have working on windows subsystem for linux on my laptop. Platesolve2 has been a bit too erroneous for me, as have the dated ansrv/all sky solvers so I’m hoping to just get the easily integratable solver paths in ssg (and other software) plumbed through so I have less problems.

Also, please support changing the api key or leaving it blank. had to pull it from my server and create a faux local user account…

We already support this. Just enter the url and port:

We’ll consider the API key.


interesting, didn’t think the endpint combobox had editable text

So I filled that in.

Then it connected with that ip/port… but I got an error relating to login/api key :frowning:

Forbidden: (CSRF cookie not set.): /login

Changing back to the ip intercept method worked… for now.

Was able to do this in prism which has the user specify the api key rather than populate it automagically - along with server/ip. Hm.