Supported Camera - Reflex / Mirrorless

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is there a chance in the future for supporting a Sony mirrorless camera?
Such as Sony A7 series?



There is a third party workaround (see another thread) that allows some functionality. I tried it but found it to be very flaky.

Potentially if Sony continues adding cameras to their SDK. But until then it’s unlikely. They have a SDK in the works but currently it only supports 2 cameras (A7R m4 and the A9).

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I’ve Sony A7III and I think that should be the same, almost for the remote shot.

I have the same problem with Fuji. In the end I bought a USB operated relay and made myself a cable release. I wrote a simple ASCOM driver which operates the camera. OK, it does not allow me to change settings, but importantly, it allows me to dither between exposures and vary exposure lengths on demanding subjects. I’ll be putting it on my website soon.

wow…I couldn’t do the same :slight_smile:

The relay just operates the camera’s remote socket. It works with my Canon and Fuji bodies.
The relay is from a company called KMTronics and I can send you the ASCOM installer if you want, just PM me. You just need to find the right connector for the Sony. (Sometimes it is easier to buy a cheap remote release and just remove the connector/lead.