"Sync" only without "Solve"?


I have an unusual request and it may or not be useful. Why not have a “SYNC” button in addition to “Solve & Sync” and “Solve & Sync Blind”? Having a “SYNC” button can be useful for indoor testing because you cannot do a solve inside the house since you cannot capture images from inside the house. Or sometimes a slew to target object is perfect that solving is not necessary and just simply “SYNC” on the object.

I downloaded and installed the latest SGP and we have been having horrible weather so I was doing indoor testing and I wanted to “SYNC” on an object after the slew with SGP but I could not do it since there is no stand alone “SYNC” in SGP.



No reason in particular except that we did not design for indoor use. That said, SGPro can be a complex application, and I understand the want to practice with it under cloudy skies. Real-estate is a fairly precious commodity in SGPro so we tend to shy away from stuff like this (unless it doesn’t take space).

We will give it some thought… In the meantime, you can do this with almost any planetarium software. Additionally, you can write a simple script to sync your mount to any location you’d like.



The problem with using planetarium software is if SGP initiated the slew and then planetarium issued a SYNC then the next slew commanded by planetarium software goes haywire. It’s hard to say whether the issue is from the mount (Astro-Physics) or planetarium software and SGP do not know each other well enough. I hope I am making sense.



What I was trying to say that slewing the mount to an object with one device (e.g. SGP) and syncing with another device (i.e. planetarium software) is a big no for A-P mounts. I am not sure if other mounts are affected. I used to have Celestron Nexstar mount and it did the same thing: errant slews due to slewing with one device and syncing with another device.

So, if I want to slew with SGP, I thought it would be nice to be able to sync with SGP without plate solving. I understand your reason behind not doing this since SGP is usually used for imaging and not for visual observing.

Bottom line I am fine with SGP as it is. Like I said we have been having horrible weather and I have not imaged since October 11. This is my last successful image completely automated by SGP:

Move your mouse pointer to bottom of image for detailed description.

Thank you for making an excellent automation software.