T4i with sgpro need help

Sorry if this is in wrong category here but I have a few silly questions.

I was planning on using my Canon T4i and 200mm lens to do some imaging tomorrow at the dark site and with clouds I haven’t had time to manually test these questions out at home. Anyways I wanted to see if sgpro allows for events to delay for the T4i in order to prevent camera vibration and more. Can I still give the T4i a delay in between shots in the event options?

I see with ccd you can have it delay pre or post per image so I was wondering if it can be applied to the T4i? Also there’s no bulb switch on it, so I have to go to the manual switch and turn the exposure to “bulb”, is that going to be a problem?

There’s a target I want to capture that is out for a few hours and I wanted sgpro to tell the mount to slew to a new target once it sets. I know how to do it with ccd, so can the same thing apply to the T4i?

Also I won’t be using an autoguider for this as I don’t have a setup to hook up the autofocuser and guider with DSLR and lens, so my other question is can it dither without an autoguider?

Also is there anything that I need to download for the T4i to work with sgpro that’s not in the latest version of sgpro?

How compatible is the T4i with sgpro?

I’ve read some of the instructions so I’m just trying to clarify a few things before i go out to the dark site so I can maximize on data.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The delay settings are the same for DSLR and CCD. Actually almost all of the settings in SGP are not specific to any type of camera (some exceptions apply like ISO and Gain) but the vast majority of sequence settings are available for all hardware that supports them.

As for the T4i specifically, I would recommend you try it before you go out to make sure everything works as expected. You’ll want the camera in Bulb if it has Bulb or Manual if not. Also if you enable mirror lock up in SGP make sure you also enable it in the camera or things aren’t going to work as you expect.

Also the Canon EOS section of our Camera help details some of these thing: